Professional Services

Use Redline's Professional Services to turn your broadband wireless network into a world-class business asset. We'll help you simplify planning, deployment, management and maintenance. You'll maximize efficiency and realize a greater return on your product investment. With Redline Professional Services you are assured of a network that is Powerful, Versatile and Reliable – today and into the future.

Available in almost every country across the globe, Redline Professional Services help you get the most from your network investment. Enjoy faster smoother deployments, fewer service disruptions, minimized investment and maximized availability and performance, consistent operation, and simplified ongoing management. When you tell us that we've delivered more than we promised, we'll feel we've been successful.

While all services are customizable, the core of Redline's professional services offerings include:

  • RF Planning Services
  • Deployment Engineer Services
  • Resident Engineer Services
  • Program/Project Management
  • Wireless Network Performance Audit

RF Planning Services

Proper RF planning and network optimization will deliver a high availability and stable performance level for subscribers, while ensuring the need to purchase only the minimum number of base station sites and spectrum resources required to deliver high quality broadband services. Redline's senior RF planning engineers have decades of experience in radio-frequency planning and in the implementation of complex wireless networks.

While Redline generally offers a complete RF planning service, it can also tailor and package individual components to meet your specific needs. These might include site survey/selection, detailed RF planning and validation, drive test, backhaul design, RF planning consultation, planning tool selection analysis, product training and integration, and network optimization. More +

Deployment Engineer Services

The deployment engineer plays the leading role within the deployment team, which is responsible for ensuring your new Redline network is installed, set up and operating to our promised specifications quickly and efficiently. The deployment engineer is your single point of contact throughout the entire deployment phase. He or she is responsible for a best-in-class installation and support, including commissioning and customer acceptance of all Redline hardware. This is likely to include site acquisition, site surveys, spectrum analysis, supervision of civil work, managing installation and commissioning and documenting inventory.

The deployment engineer thoroughly understands the technology and provides solutions as field challenges arise. He or she follows through with thorough testing of the system, ensures a successful rollout and delivers an operational network in a timely manner. This is followed with a preventive maintenance audit and transfer of the necessary knowledge to your team.

While Redline generally offers a complete RF planning service, it can also tailor and package individual components to meet your specific needs. These might include site survey/selection, detailed RF planning and validation, drive test, backhaul design, RF planning consultation, planning tool selection analysis, product training and integration, and network optimization. More +

Resident Engineer Services

Redline resident engineers are your technical liaison, operating as a single point of contact between you, Redline Engineering, Product Line Management and Sales Engineering. These highly skilled professionals are trained and certified, have a proven track record and vast technical knowledge. On site or within the vicinity, they are skilled at anticipating and resolving issues in complex environments.

This dedicated resource is responsible for maintaining your network in a fully operational state. Should an issue arise that requires action, the resident engineer resolves it in a timely manner. Your Redline resident engineer provides suggestions and action plans for network audits, and also sends your feedback into Redline product development, analyzes the impact of the new features on your network, and provides information and training to your support team.

Whether you choose to have your Redline resident on-site or close by in the region, he or she is your voice: the support liaison between you and Redline's Level 3 support and engineering team.

On-site resident engineers are 100 percent dedicated to you. They are on your premises during standard office hours and on call for support outside of office hours, including weekends and holidays. Essentially, they are there when you need them and, because they work daily with your team, they understand your needs fully.

Remote resident engineers can be scheduled to be on-site when you need them the most. This includes quarterly visits to make changes to the Redline Network Management System and/or to perform maintenance activities that cannot be done remotely. For critical issues that cannot be resolved remotely within 24 hours, the resident engineer will go to your site to address the issue and will provide phone support even during non-working hours. More +

Program/Project Management 

The Program Manager is a member of the Redline Deployment Services group and supports the customer in achieving success over all phases of a wireless deployment project. The Program Manager provides project management services by assisting with the development and review of project plans and by translating them into detailed project and performance baselines to guide the Redline partner team execution.

The Program Manager is responsible and accountable for the cross-functional planning, execution and delivery of the entire wireless deployment project. The Program Manager oversees and facilitates the day to day progress of the project and is responsible for critical processes involving project initiation, project planning, project implementation, project tracking, change management, variance analysis, corrective action, project visibility and project closure. The Program Manager maintains the overall project tempo by monitoring project accomplishments, facilitating the expeditious resolution of problems, optimizing resource deployment and driving the project forward toward key business decision points within the project.

Wireless Network Performance Audit 

In order to ensure the continued smooth operation of a wireless network, it is important to inspect the configuration and status of all network elements. The wireless network performance audit service provides a report containing detailed statistics and analysis of a customer's Redline wireless network. This report includes:

  • An evaluation of the suitability of the current RF configuration.
  • An analysis of the QoS provisioning's suitability with respect to the customer's offered services.
  • Validation of each subscriber's configured network parameters.
  • A wireless performance analysis, identifying network elements experiencing issues such as interference, over-capacity, poor signal quality, and many more.
  • A summary of conclusions and recommendations to resolve all of the identified issues.

In addition to a snapshot of the network in its current state, the audit can make use of the historical data gathered by Redline's Element Management System to provide trend information. This information is very valuable when attempting to plan for a network's future growth.

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